Vivo Mobile Repair Services

Vivo phone was founded by Shen wie in 2009 in China. After founding this phone, it expanded its brand to over 100 countries including India. If you want to repair Vivo mobile phones then IFIXZ can do this quickly. Online vivo mobile phone repair services are produced by Vivo communication technology co ltd which designs many smartphones, accessories, software, etc. As we should know that Vivo is owned by BBK electronics. BBK Electronics is a famous electronics specialty.

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It started its expansion internationally in 2014. It started to expand its brand from Thailand, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, and Vietnam. In 2017, it entered Taiwan, Russia, Cambodia, and some other countries of the world. Vivo was sold in the United states too but it was under the BLU branch, which is an American manufacturer of mobile phones. In 2015, Vivo came under the top ten manufacturers of mobile phones.

We are ready to provide you the service at any time. The thing you will have to do is just call us and book your appointment. We have hired top technicians at our company. Your phone will be repaired by our great technician. Our great technician will provide you both mobile phone battery replacement service and vivo mobile phone screen replacement service.

We have prepared a list of models to let you know about the brands that we repair at our company. So match your phone from this list and make a repair request online:

  • V 3

  • V 3 MAX

  • U 10

  • V 15 PRO

  • Vivo v 9

  • Vivo v 9 pro

  • Vivo v 9 youth

  • Vivo y 53

  • Vivo y 53 i

  • Vivo Y 12

  • Vivo Y 15

  • Vivo Y 17

  • Vivo V 3

  • Vivo y 66

  • Vivo y 69

  • Vivo y 71

  • Vivo y 71 i

  • Vivo y 83

  • Vivo y 83 pro

  • Vivo y 93

  • Vivo v 5

  • Vivo v 5s

  • Vivo v 5 plus

  • Vivo V 7

  • Vivo V 7 Plus

  • Vivo y 95

  • Vivo Vn11 PRO

  • Vivo V 11

  • vivo y 19

  • y 81

  • Y 50

  • y 30

  • vivo y 91

  • vivo v 17

  • vivo v 17 pro

  • Y 11

  • V 15

  • Z 1 PRO

  • S 1

  • S 1 pro

      Many More Models

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